Wind turbines

Wind turbine- AeroCraft


AC120 and AC 240 from German company AeroCratf are modern and efficient wind turbines. They have a battery charge controller that ensures their effective operation for a long time. The unconventional protection against strong wind (the so-called „Helicopter”) is failure-free and very effective. It protects the turbine against hurricane wind gusts, which affects its life span and efficiency.


  • nominal power 120 W / 240 W
  • energy production 40 kWh/m-c / 80 kWh/m-c
  • start already at 3 m/s
  • nominal power already at 9 m/s
  • synchronous generator, direct current, three-phase
  • 12V/24V charge controller included
  • Epoxy resin laminated fiberglass blades (construction adapted to use kinetic energy of low-speed winds)
  • ring contact to prevent cables from twisting in the mast
  • long service life
  • High resistance to atmospheric discharge
  • quiet operation

AeroCraft wind turbines are used in power systems:

  • gazebos, recreational plots, caravans
  • Cottages in forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and other recreational areas
  • single-family houses
  • illuminated advertising, information boards
  • various types of lighting, including billboards, yards, squares, alleys, sidewalks, playgrounds and others
  • water pumps

Air X by American company Southwest Windpower, is one of the most modern small wind turbines. Using microprocessor technology, the Air X is quieter, more efficient and more reliable.
The built-in, microprocessor-based charge controller with maximum power tracking allows you to charge your batteries more efficiently and keep them in good condition. The turbine is connected directly to the batteries!

Quieter, more efficient
The Air X is the first Air Series turbine to have an electronic rotor speed control and braking system. If the wind is too strong, the Air X blades are braked. This protects the turbine from damage. By using this modern system based on microprocessor technology, it was possible to use modern, quieter blades.

How can you use AIR X?

Air X is the ideal solution for people who need a completely independent power supply for small loads, e.g:

  • gazebos, recreational plots, caravans
  • cottages for tourists, including in forests, at rivers, lakes, in the mountains and other recreational areas
  • Lighting gardens, vehicles, access roads, alleys
  • Lighting of advertisements, signs, information boards, active billboards
  • telecommunication stations, transmission masts, etc.
  • yachts (Marine version)

Air X is the ideal solution for people who need a completely independent power supply for small loads, e.g:

Warranty: 24 months

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