Two-loop system

Measuring system equipped with two induction loops

  This is the traditional and most commonly used inductive loop configuration, providing sufficiently low uncertainty in measurement results while minimizing the cost of the sensors themselves.

Required module:
2 loops – measurement module working with two inductive loops
Required sensors:
2 inductive loops

Moduł: 2 pętle indukcyjne
Moduł: 2 pętle indukcyjne

Measured parameters:

  • vehicle arrival time (with 0.01s resolution),
  • vehicle counts,
  • interval between vehicles (0. 01s),
  • magnetic profile and vehicle classification based on it
    (4 classes are distinguished: passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • trailer detection,
  • speed measurement (single-loop) (measurement error from 5% for passenger vehicles to 18% for trucks),
  • length measurement (measurement error up to 20%),
  • classification by length (4 vehicle classes are distinguished).

Determined characteristics (variation as a function of time):

  • traffic density,
  • flow (of vehicles),
  • lane occupancy,
  • average speed,
  • number of vehicles by class (according to selected classification scheme).