Three-loop induction system

Measuring system with three inductive loops

The module uses two narrow (10 cm) and one wide inductive sensors. The narrow sensors act as axis detectors. A significant advantage of this solution is the much lower cost of inductive sensors compared to polymer axis detectors.

Required module:
3 loops – module working with three inductive loops
Required sensors:
three inductive loops

Moduł: 3 pętle
Module: 3 loops

Measured parameters:

  • vehicle arrival time (with 0.01s resolution),
  • vehicle counts,
  • interval between vehicles (0. 01s resolution),
  • magnetic profile and vehicle classification based on it
    (4 classes are distinguished: cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • trailer detection,
  • speed measurement,
  • length measurement,
  • number of axles,
  • distances between axles,
  • classification by length (4 classes of vehicles are distinguished),
  • FHWA F or ALT classification,

Determined characteristics (variation as a function of time):

  • traffic density,
  • flow (of vehicles),
  • lane occupancy,
  • average speed,
  • number of vehicles by class (according to selected classification scheme).