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The company was founded in April 1993. Since then, we have been designing and building systems, circuits and microprocessor devices as well as meteorological stations for the GDDKiA. We have often been pioneers of innovative solutions on the Polish market in the field of electronics and road telematics. Improved and constantly modernized meteorological and vision systems, large-size information boards and variable message signs based on LED technology, wireless data transmission systems and truck weighing and traffic monitoring systems allow us to present a comprehensive offer of modern and reliable devices. Since the entire process of product development, from the initial concept, through the design, to the production of the final device takes place in our company, we can guarantee high quality at affordable prices.  

Due to the very rapid development of the road infrastructure and the continuous increase in requirements for speed and quantity of transmitted data, our company uses in its products some of the most modern solutions in the field of wireless data and image transmission. 

Our offer includes:

  • traffic monitoring systems,
  • systems for monitoring and recording weather conditions,
  • Pre-selective and static vehicle weighing systems,
  • road weather stations (meteorological),
  • temperature and humidity sensors (thermohygrometers),
  • road sensors
  • LED luminous road signs with fixed or variable content,
  • road signs with variable content VMS,
  • LED traffic signal inserts replacing traditional bulbs,
  • Speed displays for the so-called „GREEN Wave”, cooperating with any controller,
  • multi-channel and multi-processor recorders,
  • controllers, loggers (recorders) and microprocessor controllers,
  • clocks with DCF or GPS synchronization,
  • digital radio transmission paths, including digital and analogue video images,
  • design of electronic systems and devices,
  • consulting servi